Amerikanska Gymnasiet has national recruitment and you are welcome to apply for admission no matter where you live in Sweden.

If you live in one of the thirteen municipalities within the Gothenburg Region (Ale, Alingsås, Göteborg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Lilla Edet, Mölndal, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn and Öckerö) you will receive a letter at your home address in December when you are in class 9. In this letter you will find a log-in code to use on the high school admission web service Indranet. This is where you can choose which high school you want to apply to. You choose the high school program, the orientation and Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg under the heading ”Skola”. Ask your study-guidance counselor (SYV) if you are unsure how to do this!

Applicants not residing in the Gothenburg Region

You must always make your high school application in the municipality where you are registered. Your high school choice will be sent on from your local admissions office to admissions in Gothenburg.

Once your high school choice has been registered the admissions office in Gothenburg will send you your log-in for the website Indranet. You will then be able to see your high school choice but you will not be able to make any additions, changes or deletions yourself. If you need to make any changes you must contact the study guidance counselor (SYV) where you live.

When will I know I have been accepted?

You can see your application when you log on to Indranet. When the final admissions have been made in July you will also receive a written acceptance notification at your home address. You can then choose to answer on the website or by using the answer form on the notification letter. You must answer the notification or you will lose the offer of a place.