Our teachers are competent, enthusiastic and furthermore they are outstanding leaders.

We are looking for natural leaders in the classroom. You believe in a professional relationship with all your students and know that a safe and peaceful classroom, with well-established and strong relationships, will mean students learn and understandfar more.

You have the ability to use a broad spectrum of teaching materials and you are highly competent in using digital methods. In your work you are challenged by your interest in future demands on levels of education.

You prefer to work together with your colleagues and your students because you know that higher quality of teaching is reached through close cooperation. You are ambitious and you are ready to learn from your colleagues.

You know nothing is more important for students’ future success than a good teacher. Teaching, communicating and interacting with your students are what you love doing and you know you are a good teacher.

You can teach your subject in both English and Swedish. You have a strong urge to change and improve the society we work in and to shape the students of to-day into the leaders of tomorrow.


New York August 1 2019

All our teachers will be invited to a workshop in New York in August before the school start in 2019. As a teacher you will feel at home with our working methods and the pedagogical structures we have established. Where in the world would be a better place than New York for a workshop for the American High School in Sweden teaching team.

What we offer

You are welcome to apply for an exciting and challenging post where you will develop as teacher and leader. We offer:

Workshops abroad

Competitive pay

Collective agreements

Regular professional coaching in leadership

A modern and pleasant working environment

Professional colleagues

Fitness and wellness benefit (at time of publication SEK 2000)

Do you want to send us an application, please attach your cv and a covering letter and mail to  info [@] amerikanskagymnasiet.se