This program combines natural sciences with social sciences and gives a broad understanding of mankind in relation to nature, society and technology. The program gives very wide qualifications for higher studies.

The program

The Natural Science Program is a higher education preparatory program.

On graduating from this program students will be prepared for further education in primarily natural sciences, mathematics and technology but also in other areas.

Students learn about contexts in nature, about conditions of life, physical phenomena and events and chemical processes. In biology, physics and chemistry the world that surrounds us is described in models developed through an interaction of experiments and theory.

This program also teaches the more advanced courses in mathematics. While mathematics is a subject on its own, mathematical concepts and symbols are also used to construct models for understanding and analyzing relationships in other subject areas. This program stimulates the students’ curiosity and creativity as well as the ability to think analytically.


The Natural Science Program – (natural sciences and society) Biomedicine  – Pharmacist – Doctor

In the Natural Science Program at the American High School in Sweden students study the orientation natural sciences and society. This orientation gives a very strong foundation in both natural sciences and social sciences. After graduation students have a wide choice of further studies in Sweden or elsewhere.

The Natural Science Program – (natural sciences and society)at the American High School in Sweden qualifies for all specific higher education entry requirements A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6abc, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12, A13, A14 and A15


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Study and career guidance

Choose the Natural Science Program at Amerikanska Gymnasiet when

-You want to have contact with university and college while you are at high school

– You think that organizations like Doctors Without Borders do important work or that it is important to help other people

– You are interested in pursuing a profession such as engineer, lawyer or doctor