At the American High School in Sweden the school year is divided into three semesters. Research shows that this helps both students and teachers work together towards higher results. Our students, like all other high school pupils in Sweden, have 178 school days.

Students at the American High School in Sweden have a two week break in the fall and a two week winter sports break in early spring as well as the customary Christmas and Easter breaks. The fall semester starts in mid-August a few days earlier than most other Swedish schools.

By grouping all the study days for the school year together we have created a model with three semesters. This has considerable advantages for teaching and learning. At the end of every semester a grade prognosis is made for each student, so the student has two grade prognoses before the final grade is set.

For the teachers three semesters also means higher quality through greater scope for reflection, evaluation and recuperation between the semester.