There are recurring culture and traditions in the Amerikanska Gymnasiet culture just like in a High School in the United States. We have a “Homecoming-event” every month where the classes can compete for points. Each event has three honor categories and the class with the most points by Year 3 wins VIP for all student activities.

During our Homecoming days there are always lessons as usual… but they are a bit more creative. On “Sporty Friday” there might be a hockey team sitting in the classroom… on “What not to wear Wednesday”… well then anything can happen. A highpoint in the year is “Teachers’ Masquerade” that is usually surrounded by secrecy beforehand and has high prestige among the teachers.


Homecoming – 1st semester

Sporty Friday
What not to wear Wednesday
Suit up day
Halloween Event

Homecoming – 2nd semester

Meme day
Make it RED for Santa day
Crazy hair day
Yearbook Event week
Love is in the air

Homecoming – 3rd semester

Good morning Monday
Competition week (Pi-day, history contest, spelling contest)
Teacher´s masquerade
Class color day
Hawaii summer Friday


The school’s strong traditions are the foundation for a fantastic community feeling immortalized in our annual Yearbook that is published in June every year. In the Yearbook there both individual photos and class photos. There are photos from the year’s events and from the big gala AG Awards and MIC. In Year 1 every student writes a “Freshman quote” beside their individual photo. In Year 3 students write their “Senior quote”. A graphic designer works together with the Yearbook club and the Social Studies program’s media orientation to design the Yearbook. Every year the book has a new theme.

Branded Events

MIC (Make it count) – The school’s annual debating contest. Classes meet one another in debates. We select a winning team for each Year and a winning team for each school. We compete in the “SM” debate too.

Beat the Teachers – The year’s big battle between teachers and students. The teachers choose the sport for the contest and do all they can to beat the students. The winning team gets a gold plaque on the school’s “Wall of Fame”.

AG Awards – The year’s big gala where we honor the highest achievements during the year according to the school’s set of values. The winner in each category is awarded an exclusive crystal statue. During the gala we also award 25,000 SEK in travel scholarships.

Clubs and Committees

Something that is really fun at this school is that students can start up a club themselves or join one or more other clubs. Every club has a captain that leads the club and club captains are awarded a club jersey by the school. Throughout the year there are sports and other opportunities to meet the other Amerikanska Gymnasiet schools in “SM”. There are more and more clubs in all our schools and a growing feeling of community among all the classes. Examples of school clubs are Soccer, American Football, Golf, Padel, Business, Space & Technology, E-sport, Debating, History, Basketball, Cookery and lots more.