Are you interested in science and mathematics? The Natural Science Program meets all the requirements needed for university admission and prepares you for further studies to become a doctor, pharmacist, vet, civil engineer, architect, pilot dentist and many other similar professions. The Natural Science orientation encompasses more mathematics and physics. You choose orientation before the start of Year 2 which allows you to test the pace and the degree of difficulty in mathematics before you make your choice. The Natural Science and Society orientation includes criminology and geography.

The program

The Natural Science Program is a higher education preparatory program. On graduating from this program you will be prepared for further education in primarily natural sciences, mathematics and technology but also in other areas.

Students learn about contexts in nature, about conditions of life, physical phenomena and events and chemical processes. In biology, physics and chemistry the world that surrounds us is described in models developed through an interaction of experiments and theory.

At Amerikanska Gymnasiet you can choose either orientation in the Natural Science program. You make this choice before the start of Year 2. During Year 1 all the courses are the same for this program. This means that you can make a more considered choice as you do not need to make the decision in Year 9.

Qualification for university or college is the same for both orientations and through your individual choices you can meet the special requirements for university admission. If you study Natural Science and Society you can use your individual choices to study Mathematics 4 and Physics 2 in order to meet all the special requirements for admission. Read more about requirements here: SYV Vägledningsmaterial

The Natural Science Orientation

With the Natural Science Orientation you will learn more about biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics.

In Year 1 you will study a lot of mathematics, studying at a stable and focused pace to achieve an excellent grounding in mathematics during the first year. During Year 2 you will study less mathematics than in Year 1 and you will study physics in combination with mathematics.

Our natural science classes are known to be high achieving, to be exceptionally united and to perform well in social contexts such as the schools’ Homecomings. If you feel at home in a strong social culture with fun events in combination with focused school work, then our Natural Science program is made for you.



The Natural Science and Society Orientation – Criminology

In the natural science and society orientation you will study natural science, social science and geography.

In this orientation you will study less mathematics and physics. Many students find mathematics in the natural science program challenging and in that case this orientation can be a wise choice before starting Year 2. There is however usually a wide interest for social issues and criminology as well. At Amerikanska Gymnasiet this orientation also meets the same requirements for university admission as the Natural Science orientation by simply choosing Mathematics 4 and Physics 2 as individual choices.

Criminology is a captivating subject. In the course of the three years, teaching is linked more and more to trials and real-life cases. The criminology orientation has the greatest scope in Year 3.

Amerikanska Gymnasiet has established contacts within courts, the FBI and other agencies in the USA. The teaching therefore spans lectures to learning about and working with real legal cases from the USA.


Choose the Natural Science Program at Amerikanska Gymnasiet when

1. You want to have contact with university and college while you are at high school

2. You are interested in helping other people as for instance a doctor

3. You are interested in meeting all the requirements for university admission

4. You enjoy studying at a high pace and in a positive school atmosphere