Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Sweden was founded in 2015 by Joel Hegardt, Peter Heddelin and Christian Eriksson. Amerikanska Gymnasiet is an educational organization free from political or religious interests. The board comprises educators and entrepreneurs. We work continuously and solely with educational development to equip our students and coworkers to achieve their full potential.Chairperson of the board is Joel Hegardt.

Joel Hegardt  

Co-founder of the parent co-operative Mr Turtle pre-school in SĂ€rö, Kungsbacka, Sweden and principal for the primary school Vittra in ForsglĂ€ntan, Kungsbacka. He has also held the appointment of principal for IT High School in Gothenburg. Chief Education Officer and thereafter Managing Director for five high schools, expanding to 14 high schools within Plusgymnasiet Sverige AB. When Plusgymnasiet merged with Academia in 2011 Joel was given the additional responsibility for the eleven Drottning Blanka high schools along with Framtidsgymnasiet’s seven high schools.

Qualifications: Law degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg and diploma from IHM Business School in Gothenburg.

Peter Heddelin

 Peter Heddelin

Formerly principal for Plusgymnasiet in Uddevalla and thereafter Plusgymnasiet regional manager for seven high schools. Peter went on to hold the post of Operational Manager for 14 Plusgymnasiet high schools. He also served as municipal school principal for several years. He started his career in education as supply teacher for music in 1998.

Qualifications: Degree from MI, Los Angeles (1997), LuleÄ University of Technology (2003), Kristianstad University Sweden (2007) and diploma for school principals, Karlstad University (2012).

Tony Ekström

Has worked in education since 1996. The architect behind the concept for Nya Skolan that today operates several pre-schools and primary schools in Sweden. Since the beginning of 2001 he has held posts of teacher, principal, school manager and managing director. He is chairperson of the board for Nya Skolan Sverige AB. Chairperson of the board for Intopa Holding AB and has held several positions on club boards. Co-founder of four companies in various sectors.

Qualifications: Degree in education from Karlstad University (1996) and diploma for school principals, University of Gothenburg (2007). Diploma personal coach (2011).

Patrik BĂ€ckander

Experience from manufacturing industry in USA and Sweden 1986-2010 and has held managerial positions since 1994. Author of four patents 1992-2009. Founded his first company in 1994, a pre-school that grew to become Nya Skolan AB, with several pre-schools and primary schools in Sweden today. He went on to found over ten new companies in a number of different fields. Part-owner of VÀstkustens AffÀrsÀnglar AB.

Qualifications: Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Chalmers University of Technology

Christian Eriksson


Co-founder of Wallstreet Media AB and Vizazi Invest AB. He has invested in a number of advertising and media companies and he has long experience of entrepreneurship and sales.

Qualifications: Diploma from IHM Business School in Gothenburg.

Göran Grell

Göran Grell

30 years experience in leadership and as board member in various industries, such as CEO for two listed companies: Moment Group AB and Ticket Travel Group AB, board membership in for instance GeKĂ„s in Ullared AB, Arken Zoo AB, RESIA AB, MĂ€klarringen AB, UF (Young entrepreneurship). Passionate about entrepreneurship, business, young persons’ development no matter background.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting – University of Gothenburg, Senior High-school, Beloit, WI, USA.