Our work with quality is designed to be leading nationally, with a clear and carefully considered structure where the daily work of the school is naturally grounded in our annual measurement, evaluation and follow-up. As the school year is divided into three semesters, the students and teachers have a greater opportunity to reach higher results.

Our five quality standards

We use five measurements of quality that we return to continuously throughout the school year. We ensure quality in these five areas for every class and for the school as a whole. If there is any deviation in a class, we compile an action plan together with the class until the problem is solved.

The goals of the teaching directives

Twice yearly we measure to what the extent we are fulfilling the goals of the teaching directives. Evaluations and analyses are made in every class and with every teacher. This is in order to make any adjustments to teaching directly before each new semester.

Learning outcomes

The greater the knowledge, the higher the grades. To achieve extremely good conditions for reaching higher grades we make two grade forecasts every school year prior to the final grading. These forecasts give the students a clear picture of how they have progressed, in relation to the content dealt with in each course. The forecasts are made summatively based on grades E to A. Along with each forecast we hold a performance appraisal.

Quality experience

Once a year we measure how our students experience the school as a whole. This gives us an index per class that we then analyze together with the students in the class to see where potential improvements may be made.

Learning-promoting goals

Amerikanska Gymnasiet is the first in Sweden to define “learning-promoting goals” to lead to varied and high quality learning. We measure the degree of fulfilment for every class and every teacher for analysis and adjustments once a year.

Core values and equal treatment

We work preventively and vigorously address occasions when violations occur. Amerikanska Gymnasiet has a thorough equal treatment policy and a strong and clear set of core values describing how we behave towards one another.

Our prevention work is based on the measurements made three times every school year. The results of these measurements form the foundation for any adjustments to our plan against abusive behavior.

The school has an active and visible school management that together with the mentors is accessible on a daily basis, to further shape a secure school environment that promotes high-level learning.

Quality reports

Amerikanska Gymnasiet results are transparent and we publish all underlying results from our quality measurements annually. Click on the link below to download our most recent quality report.