The natural way to learn English

The American High School in Sweden is a school for students who are keen to study hard and ambitious to get a high school education with international advantages. You will study in a modern and peaceful school with an American high school spirit. Teaching is in both English and Swedish. With English as a natural part of your life you will be ready for university and further studies and you will have a firm foundation for your future career whether in Sweden or abroad.

A school based on science

The school day, the school year, the working environment and the teaching are all organized to give you everything you need so as to graduate with the learning, the skills and the grades you aim for.

Strong values and a strong school culture

Knowledge & Curiosity – we seek knowledge and are eager to learn

Courage – we are unafraid

Kindness – we are helpful and kind to one another

Grit – we have a fighting spirit

On close terms with the business world

Every class at the American High School in Sweden has a business company as mentor. The mentor follows the class throughout high school, with regular meetings during the school year, both at the school and in the company’s premises. We also invite successful business leaders to talk to our students about their triumphs and setbacks. Our students get a unique insight into the business world that would not be possible through traditional school projects about working life.

A talent for learning – another name for study technique

From the word go you will learn about study techniques so you will always keep up with the teaching and will be able to reach your full potential. Our teachers see you, treat you with respect and create a learning environment with full focus on your learning. You will have lots of practise in communication, rhetoric and argumentation. You will gain full confidence in learning a new language or overwinning a fear of speaking in public or speech making. These are skills that will be of benefit to you for the rest of your life.

Caps off!

At the American High School in Sweden you will find an orderly learning environment with a focus on study. We have clear rules for the classroom and for the school. We want to prepare you for the working life that awaits you when you start your career. Our teachers act immediately on any type of offense or attempt to disturb a class. We stand up for good comradeship and professional relations between teacher and student. Our rules for behaviour can be summed up: Firm and friendly.

This is your guarantee for a calm, concentrated and stimulating study environment that will allow you to work towards the topmost goals in every subject with no distractions.