The Technology Program is the program for students who want to work with problem solving and developing technology. This program lays the foundation for studying technology and the natural sciences in further education. The Technology program is only in Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Gothenburg and Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Stockholm.

Orientation Information and Media Technology

The Technology program orientation at Amerikanska Gymnasiet is information and media technology. This is the program to choose if you want to work with programming, data communication or with developing applications and web solutions. This program lays the foundation for further university or college education in Sweden or abroad as well as providing a good base for students wanting to start a technology or programming business

In this program you will learn about web development and programming. Mathematics is an important subject in this program. We are an Apple School and work with MacBooks as a digital client in the Technology Program, which means that as a student you have access to a personal computer.

Students in the Technology Program are ambitious and take part in a number of contests. There are opportunities every year to take part in the E-sports Swedish Championship or in the Hack your World competition where students from the Amerikanska Gymnasiet Technology Program won the whole competition in 2021.

Choose the Technology Program at Amerikanska Gymnasiet when
  1. You are interested in computers and programming
  2. You are interested in more digitalized learning
  3. You like mathematics, technology and media