Your guide on the path towards university and college

For entrance to further studies at university or college you must have a higher secondary school diploma with basic entry requirements for university and college admission. To gain a higher secondary school diploma you must have 2250 points (of possible 2500 points) with passes at minimum grade level E, and you must have passes in some specific courses such as mathematics, Swedish and English.

Most university courses also have specific requirements over and above the basic requirements. These specific requirements define which high school courses you must have at least a pass in for entry. There are 18 groups of specific entry requirements covering a large number of subjects from the humanities and law to medicine and technology.

All the high school programs at Amerikanska Gymnasiet provide the basic entrance requirements for university or college. In the table below you can see the specific requirements covered in our programs.

SYV Vägledningsmaterial – Göteborg Stockholm

SYV Vägledningsmaterial – Uppsala Halmstad


“Green” means that the specific requirements are included in the program.

“Blue” means that you, the student, must use one or two of your individual options so as to qualify for the specific requirements.

“Yellow” means that you must study more than 2500 points and must therefore choose an expanded individual option to reach the requirements. You must have good results in the other courses.

“Red” means that you cannot reach the specific requirements with this program. For example if you want to study medicine after leaving school you must study the natural science or the technology program as the social science and the business management and economy programs do not fulfil the entry requirements for medicine. For personal study and career guidance send a text on SMS-live (0706-10 66 55).