Welcome to the Amerikanska Gymnasiet – an innovative Swedish high school! You can choose between four higher education preparatory programs with seven different orientations in Social Science, Business Management and Economics, Natural Science and Technology. We promise you will have an active high school life and and you will excel in English. At Amerikanska Gymnasiet you will get the best foundation for continued studies at universities and colleges in Sweden or abroad.


Surpass your own expectations

Are you ambitious? And want to study in a modern school where the focus is on learning? Then choose Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Sweden. You will be taught in both English and Swedish, giving you bigger future opportunities in Sweden and in the rest of the world.

Our programs

Social Science Program

Do you want to make a difference in society and to have a wide range of choices for further study – to become for example a lawyer, human resources manager, psychologist, journalist, police officer or teacher? Choose the program that will give you an infinite horizon!

Business Management and Economics Program

Do you want to work with economics or law or to pursue a career in the business world with the whole world as your workplace? Perhaps you want to become a lawyer, broker, accountant, economist or marketing manager? The Business Management and Economics Program gives you every opportunity!

Naturvetenskap tjej och kille i lab
Natural Science Program

Are you interested in both natural science and social science? Here’s the perfect combination that gives you a wide foundation for further studies to become for example a doctor, engineer, pilot, veterinary surgeon or to pursue any one of many other professions.

Technology Program

Are you interested in IT, programming or do you like mathematics? Do you want to study to become for example a systems developer, engineer, or application programmer? If you are dreaming about a digital future then the Technology Program with information and media technology orientation is right for you!

Why we are the right choice for you!

You don’t need to be the world’s best English speaker to get a place at Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Sweden. It’s more than enough that you are keen to study and get as much as you can out of your time at school. We will make sure you speak excellent English and are a confident speech maker by the time you graduate. Students at the American High School in Sweden will have the best foundation for success in the competitive global job market of the future.

The City of Gothenburg is your campus

Amerikanska Gymnasiet will have a central location in Gothenburg. It will be easy to reach by bus, train or streetcar, even if you don’t live in the centre of the city. Attending a high school in a city center is special. You and your fellow students will meet a fantastic choice of cafes, restaurants and activities, both during your lunch break and after school.