Are you interested in social and business economy or in how the Swedish legal system is constructed and functions? The Economics Program offers a choice of two orientations. Depending on which you choose you will have the foundations for further studies in economics, law and other social sciences. The focus of the economics orientation is on entrepreneurship and business while the focus of the law orientation is on the judiciary and criminology. You choose an orientation before the start of Year 2

The Program

The Economics Program is a higher education preparatory program. After graduating from this program you will be prepared for university studies in primarily economics, law and other social sciences.

The Economics Program at Amerikanska Gymnasiet

At Amerikanska Gymnasiet you can choose either orientation in the Economics Program. You make this choice before the start of Year 2. During Year 1 all the courses are the same for this program. This means that you can make a more considered choice as you do not need to make this decision in Year 9. You will be able to work with UF (Young entrepreneurship) in either orientation. Qualification for university or college is the same for both orientations and through your individual choices you can meet the special requirements for university admission. Read more about requirements here: SYV Guidance material

Economics orientation

In the economics orientation you will learn about areas of business economics such as accounting, costing, marketing, leadership and organization. You will also learn how to start and run a business. 

In Year 3 the schools’ leading UF companies will have the opportunity to present their business ideas to successful investors in Amerikanska’s own version of “Dragons Den”.

Law and Criminology orientation

In the law and criminology orientation you will learn about the importance of the legal system in a democratic society and how it is affected by international law. You will develop your ability to analyze and assess legal problems with the help of legal sources and legal methods. 

Criminology is a captivating subject. In the course of the three years we more and more link the teaching to trials and real-life cases. The criminology orientation has the greatest scope in Year 3.

Amerikanska Gymnasiet has established contacts within courts, the FBI and other agencies in the USA. The teaching therefore spans lectures to learning about and working with real legal cases from the USA.

Choose the Economics orientation at Amerikanska Gymnasiet if:
  1. You are interested in working in economics as an economist or an accountant. In the future you may want to study at a school of economics
  2. You are interested in entrepreneurship and in learning how to start your own business
  3. You are interested in international economics and can contemplate a career in Sweden or abroad
Choose the law orientation at Amerikanska Gymnasiet if:
  1. You are interested in the law and criminology
  2. You want to learn more about working as a lawyer or a public prosecutor
  3. You are interested in working in economics or other professions demanding university or other further education