All our programs fulfil the requirements of the Swedish upper secondary school graduation diploma. All the programs are preparatory for university or college education and are designed to give a firm academic foundation for a smooth transition from high school to university, college or further studies abroad. For example right from Year 1 we work with the same methods for submissions and references as used in universities.

A firm academic foundation also means that besides strong subject knowledge you also develop personal leadership during your high school years. Almost every week you will be practicing public speaking and learning to express arguments for your ideas and this will give you a major advantage in your life after high school. You will see a major development in your abilities from your first year.

All our teaching starts out in Swedish and aims towards accomplished Swedish academic language. We add modules in English to most of the lessons. You will learn all the concepts in the different subjects and you will be able to use English naturally and to greater and greater extent over the three years. In Year 3 teaching will be up to 50% in English and you will probably not even notice the change. A command of English gives you a natural entry into higher education where much of the literature is in English.