Always on time.

No flexible hours and every lesson starts on time. We are always punctual for the simple reason that everyone is entitled to study without interruptions. You will have on average four hours of lessons every day. We try as far as possible to avoid gaps in the schedules.

Teaching and classes

Classes are scheduled based on two teaching models:

1. [40min+5min+40min]

Comprises an introductory teaching unit, thereafter a short five minute break followed by a second teaching unit.

2. [60 min] utan rast.

To maintain concentrated focus no lesson is longer than 60 minutes without a break.

Books, IT and digital learning

The American High School in Sweden combines traditional educational material such as textbooks with digital educational material such as digital textbooks or applications on the students’ computers or iPads. Our main educational tool is the iPad as this facilitates both searching for information and communication as well as allowing a breadth of expression and presentation methods.

Your own computer or iPad while you are a student

While you are at high school you will be able to borrow an iPad or a Macbook Air. There is no charge  and you return your device after you graduate. There is special emphasis on IT in the Technology Program, where programming is one of the subjects. If you choose the Technology Program we provide a Macbook Air suitable for handling the course work for this program.


To keep you informed about your progress in every subject you will have access to our digital educational platform Canvas. There you can see schedules and examination dates. Assignments are saved in the cloud so there is always a back-up for students’ work. Students also get instant feedback from teachers directly through Canvas.