Distance teaching and Blended learning

At Amerikanska Gymnasiet the teachers can choose to record all their teaching and send live using the HD-cameras mounted in all the classroom ceilings. This means students can watch all the teaching at home when sick, access all the material after the lessons and structure and plan revision during the whole school year. This gives students excellent opportunities to achieve higher results as they can watch the teachers’ presentations and explanations as many times as they want. Our digital systems are state of the art and give our students the best possible opportunities to succeed in their studies.

Schedules and lessons

The school day is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There may be deviations from the time frame for modern languages or individual choices when the school day may start a little earlier or end a little later.

Courses for 100 points have a lesson model of three 50 minute lessons per week. Two of these lessons are normally held in the ordinary classroom and the third lesson in an Active Learning Classroom. For pedagogical reasons there are exceptions for courses in some subjects.

Homework coaching

There is scheduled homework coaching several times every week. Homework coaching is voluntary and is a resource where you can talk to your teachers and ask questions. If you fall behind in any course extra time will be scheduled for you until you catch up again.

Always on time

All lessons start and finish at the times stated in the schedule. We come on time to every lesson. The school does not cancel lessons. To come on time means:

– That you are waiting outside the classroom when the door is opened
– That you have all the material you need with you (fully charged iPad/laptop and for some subjects pen and paper)
– That your outdoor clothes, bags and cell-phone are in your locker

When the lesson starts

The teacher always opens the door at the time stated in the schedule. We go to the places the teacher has decided and stand quietly behind our chairs. When the teacher greets us – we return the greeting and sit down in silence. We open iPads/laptops only when the teacher has told us to.

When the lesson ends

At the end of the lesson we stand quietly behind our chairs. Before going we make sure nothing is left on our desks, and that our chairs and desks are correctly positioned. When the teacher bids us good-bye we answer likewise and leave the room quietly. All the lessons end exactly at the time stated in the schedule.


Cell-phones are kept in student lockers and may not be taken into the classrooms.

Seating and groups

The teacher is always in charge of seating in the classrooms. The teacher always selects groups for group projects.

Books and on-line learning

At Amerikanska Gymnasiet we combine traditional material such as textbooks from the school library with on-line material in the form of digital course material or other applications. Our main tool is the iPad, integrated with a modern keyboard with backlight. We also use digital pens from 2021. Students following the technology program use Macbook Air.

While they attend the school students may borrow a personal iPad with accompanying keyboard. These are free of charge and are returned to the school after Year 3. In the technology program there is special emphasis on IT as students study programming. For these students the school supplies a MacBook Air which is more suitable for the courses in the technology program.


Our digital digital learning platform Canvas keeps you up-to-date about your progress in all your subjects. Canvas is the same system as used in most universities. You can see schedules, assessments and presentations and can access all your material. For example you can repeat lessons and watch presentations directly on your cellphone on your way to school.

School meals

It is important to us that the school day is healthy and filled with energy. Meals are served every day in the schools’ own “American Diners”. Meals are evaluated weekly and unpopular dishes are replaced with new dishes. We work with suppliers who share our ideas about school meals.