Quality is paramount in making Amerikanska Gymnasiet in Sweden one of the leading schools in the country. Our structure of methods for annual measurement, assessment and follow-up is implemented in the regular and day-to-day work of the school. With a three semester school year the students and teachers have a greater opportunity to achieve higher results.

What do we mean by quality?

In Sweden a school’s quality is often judged by the high grades achieved by the students. The problem is that each student is unique and each individual and each class have their own prerequisites.

This makes it difficult to measure quality according to the number of students who have graduated successfully. We must provide high quality for all the students attending the school right now. Not those who have left. That is why Amerikanska Gymnasiet has a thorough and encompassing approach to quality that makes a difference for every student, every school day.

Our five quality standards

We have five quality measurements that we continually refer to throughout the school year. We ensure quality in these five areas in every class and for the school as a whole. Should any deviation arise in a class we draw up a plan of action together with the class until the problem is resolved.

Educational curriculum goals

We measure attainment of the goals of the educational curriculum twice yearly. Assessments and analyses are made for every class and teacher. This allows immediate adjustments and improvements to the teaching to be made for each new semester.

Learning outcomes

Learning leads to high grades. To give every student the opportunity to reach higher grades, we make two grade assessments every school year prior to setting the final grades. These assessments give the students a clear picture of what they have achieved in relation to the learning units covered in each course. The assessments are summative in accordance with the grade scales (F-A), and formative with input from teachers regarding what each student needs to learn and which skills the student needs to develop in order to reach the next grade. In conjunction with every assessment there is a development review with a mentor.

Satisfied customer index

Many students feel their years at high school are the most stimulating of all their school years. It’s usually at high school the foundation for future networks is established. This means it is very important that every student feels comfortable and safe in school. Monday should be one of the best days in the week, it should be fun, stimulating and challenging to come to school.

That is why we make annual measurements of how our students experience the school as a whole. This gives us an index for each class. We then analyze these results together with the students in the class to see where improvements can be made. We use the same measurements as in the world of business, the satisfied customer index (Swedish NKI) and recommendation level.

Educational promotion goals

Amerikanska Gymnasiet is first in Sweden to define ” Educational promotion goals”. These goals are about creating the preconditions for the highest levels of quality in learning. We measure the attainment level per class and teacher for analysis on two occasions every semester. We have a strong focus on order and good learning environment.

Values and equality of treatment

We work to actively prevent discrimination and to promote equality of treatment. We act decisively on any occasion offense is given. Amerikanska Gymnasiet has a strong approach to equality of treatment and a strong value base with clear values that define “how we behave” towards one another. It is the responsibility of the school to educate students in social skills. We therefore place special emphasis on conflict solution.

Our promotional and preventive approach is based on the results from our annual measurements. Any adjustments to our equality of treatment plan are based on these results.

Amerikanska Gymnasiet has active and visible school leadership, accessible every day along with the school mentors, so as to further advance a safe school environment and further a high level of learning.