Reach higher goals than you thought possible

High schools often focus on helping every student achieve their goals. By goals is often meant grade E, i.e. a pass. When planning teaching and the learning environment our aim is always for you to achieve higher goals. We help you understand the criteria for the different grades, WHAT you should achieve and above all HOW. We give you the opportunity to achieve your full potential so that you will have a firm foundation when you enter university or college.

A learning environment for succesful study

Optimized classrooms for learning

Our school is designed to stimulate learning. A school should always feel new and fresh, free from litter and graffiti. You will find a modern workplace similar to the conference rooms and meeting rooms you will later meet in your working life. Every detail in the school promotes well-being, cooperation and learning. You will have access to several different learning environments that will optimize your progress and how you benefit from the teaching.

Our learning environments

Traditional classroom

Active Learning Classroom (ALC)


Homebase Learning Station


Traditional classroom

Our traditional classrooms are equipped with projectors and have modern and ergonomic furnishing.

Active learning classroom

Here the teacher can move around, working from the middle of the classroom. The students are grouped around stations making this the ideal environment for developing collaboration skills and cooperative problem solving.

Lecture hall

Lectures are a customary model for conveying knowledge at universities and colleges. Here the focus is on the lecturer. The lecture hall and teaching model prepare you for future studies at university or college. Units taught in this room are for example history and social science.

Homebase Learning Station (HLS)

This learning environment almost feels like being at home but the difference is having the school’s mentors and teachers at hand. You can switch between relaxing and different ways of studying. You can work independently or in a group depending on the task and subject. This is where the school provides help with homework. An excellent place for gathering focus and revising while waiting for your next lesson.


Jump right in to business life! Our group rooms with their modern design resemble the conference rooms many of our students will meet in their future careers. After school hours our group rooms are turned into creative meeting places for the school clubs to work on their projects and plan their activities.