The Technology Program is intended for students who want to work with problem solving and developing technology. This program lays the foundation for studying technology and the natural sciences in further education.

Technology program – information and media technology

Digitalisation – mobile app developer – programmer/developer

The orientation for the Technology program at the American High School in Sweden is information and media technology. This is the program to choose if you want to work with programming, data communication or with developing mobile applications and webb solutions. This program lays the foundation for further education in Sweden or elsewhere as well as providing a good base for students wanting to start a technology or programming business.

The Technology Program – (information and media technology)at the American High School in Sweden qualifies for all specific higher education entry requirements A1, A2 ,A3, A4, A5, A6abc, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11*, A12*, A13*, A14 and A15

* extended program necessary

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Orientation information and media technology teaches skills in information technology, communication and media technology. This program includes computer communication, programming, digital media, web development and computer and communication technology.

Choose the Technology program at Amerikanska Gymnasiet when

– You are interested in computers, games and programming

– You are interested in digitalized learning

– You like mathematics, technology and media